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The Odcast With One D

Nov 26, 2018

We've got three people in the studio this week. Joining us is a tinier, weaker version of me aka my sister. We tackle how much Bill Maher sucks, the stupidity of a missionary in the North Sentinel Island, and loot boxes. Hot stuff this week, folks, so tune in!

Nov 19, 2018

Too many dong jokes are thrown around this episode as we go over stretched out vaginas, swatting justice, an old man pulling a Jesus, and the decline of organized religion.

Nov 12, 2018

This week we tackle the importance of artificial meat lumps for the environment, kids with ODD stealing cars, airline workers being stupid, and Bill Gates's crusade against poor poop sanitation. Also, Dan introduces the world to Ghost Chet.

Nov 5, 2018

We finally kick the habit. We're done cussing for good! FOREVER! Tune in as we talk about the origins of Baphomet, Japan's royal bloodline dying out, paraplegics walking again, and the controversial Apu getting the ax.